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Day 1

(possible subject lines)

Getting Your Old Body Back

Kettlebell Combos for Fat Loss

Hybrid Kettlebell Circuits for Fat Loss


Today I want to introduce you to a kettlebell instructor who is using some pretty unique methods to help men and women lose body fat and get theitr old bodies back. His name is Forest Vance, and he is an RKC II out of Sacramento, CA.

In this interview, he talks about his special methods of using kettlebells for fat loss, and some of the common mistakes he sees in men and women’s kettlebell training.

Forest – Can you give us a little about your background?

Well, as you know, I own a kettlebell gym/personal training studio in Sacramento, CA … I’m still “in the trenches” training groups and private training sessions there every day, so that along with everything else that goes into running a small business, it keeps me busy for sure!

Also, I create articles, videos, and new programs on a regular basis at my main kettlebell training site,

[There is quite a bit of free, informative KB content on there, BTW]

We all have our “go to” program that distinguishes our workouts from others – tell me a bit about yours

Well, the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution is geared toward the kettlebell trainee who wants to lean down, lose weight and “get it back”.

It’s designed for folks who have limited time and energy and who want a program that’s fast and efficient.

And it’s a fresh angle on a truly effective kettlebell training plan!

Can you explain why Kettlebells are so good at burning fat?

Kettlebells are a unique low-cost, full-body conditioning tool for folks with limited time.

This is because KB’s:

1. Place demands on multiple muscle groups and energy systems

2. Offset your center of gravity/cause your body to work harder to maintain balance

3. Allow you to incorporate strength and cardio into a single workout

What do you feel is the biggest problem with people who train with Kettlebells these days? Why aren’t they getting results?

It’s without a doubt what I call “Kettlebell ADHD”.

This happens when folks jump around from program to program – but never pick one and stick with it.

They scour the internet for new KB workouts and training videos, and use the tips and tricks they get in their own training on a regular basis …

But their biggest problem is that they don’t learn how to use kettlebells correctly from the beginning. They never learn the true intricacies and fine points of the basic moves like the swing and Turkish get up.

And with this much exercise variety, it’s almost impossible to learn all the moves correctly in any reasonable amount of time – especially if you’re a kettlebell beginner.

I can’t tell you how many folks I’ve trained that have started with kettlebells in this info-overload, learn-many-exercises-but-master-none, no-real-structured-program fashion, and upon meeting with me and being put on a steady diet of the ‘basics’ for a month or two, have seen their progress go through the roof!

Can you share with me some results with clients who’ve used your system?

Sure – here are a couple of testimonials:

‘If You’re Looking To Get Started With Kettlebells, Start Here’ …

“I wish I had this guide months ago, before I went into information overload. This is the most concise guide I’ve found for starting out with kettlebells. If you are looking to get started with kettlebells, start here.

The exercises are all explained very well. The workouts are extremely well put together with suggestions for progression as you improve. Thanks to the guide and the videos on, my form has improved in just a few days and I’ll lose less training time due to bruised forearms.”

-Trent C, Houston, TX

‘A Great Starting Point For Learning The Basics Of Kettlebell Training’ …

“This guide is a great starting point for anyone looking to start an excercise program that actually works. Kettlebell workouts are one of the most intense workouts I have every done. The quickstart guide is very informative and is great with the pictures and descriptions … I am down almost 15 lbs now. Its been a good thing. Kettlebells have definitely increased my strength and conditioning.”

– Issac S, Sacramento, CA

What is the best way to break through a training plateau?

A very common reason folks hit a training plateau is because they don’t change their workout. A great way to break through this is to switch things up with a new and well designed program.

If you had to give my readers one piece of advice, what would it be?

To pick a solidly designed training plan that’s appropriate for their training goals and stick with it long enough for it to work!!


Forest has put together his 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution program – the one he prescribes to help his clients lose fat at the fastest rate possible – to you at a massive discounted rate.

Get your program design squared away for the next 30 days and use your saved timed and increased energy to get back to all the activities you enjoy.

All the best in your training

(your name)

PS – Check out more of how Forest helps his clients (there are videos) get their old bodies back and his huge special offer for you HERE


Day 2

(possible subject lines)

I was afraid to show you this kettlebell workout …
Killer Kettlebell Combo For Fat Loss (free workout inside)
Kettlebell Combo For Fat Loss (includes video)


Honestly, I was scared to show you this kettlebell workout.

Yesterday, I introduced you to a friend and colleague of mine, Certified Kettlebell Instructor Forest Vance, and we talked about the benefits of kettlebells for fat loss … and how you can use them in a unique way for maximum results.

I also mentioned in my last email that I’d have news about a new program designed to help you RAPIDLY lose fat with this special and unique kettlebell method.

So I figured I’d share a sample workout from the program with you to “whet your whistle”, so to speak …

But … I was afraid you’d take it out of context (it’s a just a very small part of the new 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Solution workout program).

And I was worried it’d be too tough (it’s a little tricky, as the workout requires proficiency with some of the basic kettlebell moves).

But I figured what the heck 🙂

So here you go – a sample workout from the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution.


1 – Do your pre-workout prep warm up (SMR, joint mobility, and dynamic stretch)

2 – Main Workout
1 Turkish get up
5 rack squats
10 snatches

Repeat prescribed number of reps on ONE side without setting the KB down … then do the same on the other side.

Repeat the circuit a total of five times, taking NO rest during the combo and about 60 seconds rest in between each combo.

Click the link below a demo of this kettlebell combo circuit:

=> Rapid Fat Loss with Kettlebells

3 – “Cool down” by stretching tight muscle groups only

Train hard, and talk soon –

PS – Click the link below to learn more about Forest’s program:

=> Rapid Fat Loss with Kettlebells


Day 3


30 Day KB Rapid Fat Loss (special offer)


My friend and fellow (boot camp instructor/kettlebell trainer/etc.) has a great deal going on his new 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution program – and I wanted to shoot you a quick email just to let you know that:

1 – It’s a GREAT deal right now
2 – If you like training with kettlebells and your fitness goals include fat loss, this program WILL help you out.

Just a few things you’ll get with this program:

A tough, fun, efficient and effective workout based on his special kettlebell combo method
An outline and specific plan detailing EXACTLY what you need to do for the next 30 days to lose as much fat as humanly possible. He lays out a complete workout routine as well as an easy-to-follow and done-for-you meal plan.
Written AND video instruction on how to perform the basic kettlebell moves – all of your “learning bases” are covered
Tips and tricks to beat your food cravings, plan your meals in advance, and eat well while eating out
Solutions to common kettlebell training problems – how to figure out what size KB to start with, how to scale up, how to prevent KB training injuries, what type of footwear to use, and much more

Click the link below to grab your copy of the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution:

=> The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution

Thanks, and talk soon –

(sign off, your name)

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