The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution

Maverick Russian Kettlebell Instructor to reveal little known fat loss method …

Secret Kettlebell Fat Loss System Builds Confidence and Gets The Attention You Deserve in Just 30 Minutes a Day for 30 Days

Your Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight, Getting it Back and Feeling Great … Quickly and Easily

From: The FVT Kettlebell Gym, Sacramento, CA

Dear friend –

Slow, one-to-two-pound-per-week, “politically correct” fat loss is fine for some folks …

In fact, losing weight in a “safe”, controlled, and methodical fashion is what most fitness experts would lead you to believe is the “best way”.

I whole-heartedly disagree.

My name is Forest Vance.  I’m a certified kettlebell instructor and kettlebell gym owner based out of Sacramento, CA. I have a master’s degree in Human Movement, multiple personal training certifications, and nearly a decade of experience in the fitness industry.

I’m going to reveal to you exactly how YOU can use kettlebells … in a special and unique way … to lose fat faster than you ever thought humanly possible.  But more on that in a bit.  First, I want to tell you quick story that I think you’ll be able to relate to …

My Embarassing Fat Loss Story

They say that most people who get big time weight loss results … who figure out how to put everything together and make it work for them … typically have a “defining moment.”

One of those experiences that “flips the switch”, that makes them take a long, hard look in the mirror and FINALLY decide to make a change.

My story is no different.

I had just officially called it quits in my pro football career.  I was on my way to a night on the town with my heavyweight Olympic lifter roommate.  We were both strong as hell, but to the average person, we just looked plain fat.

As we crossed the street on our way to the bar, a young punk in a car driving by stuck his head out the window and shouted at us, “Get out of the way you fatties!”

We were shocked.  We couldn’t believe someone would call us fat!  How insulting!  They probably couldn’t even bench press 300 pounds!

That event stands out in my mind as one that drove me to start my weight loss journey.  I remember it like it was yesterday … going home and feeling like such a turd, so crappy about myself … that someone would actually call me fat in public in such a humiliating way. And it also made me wonder how many people were thinking that behind my back and just not saying it out loud …

Shortly thereafter, I decided I would do whatever it took to lose the 50+ extra pounds of body fat I was carrying around.

Thing was, I knew how to train like an athlete, to get into football shape – but I had no idea how to train ‘regular folks’ (which now was me) for weight loss and general health!  I spent hundreds of hours studying – and hundreds more testing various methods on myself – to figure out the best, most effective, and most time efficient methods to lose weight, trim my midsection, and take the ‘pain’ out of dieting.

I ended up losing 64 pounds over the next 7 months.  I “accidentally stumbled upon” the secrets of rapid, safe, and effective fat loss in the process.  I’ve used these methods in my personal training practice over the last decade … and I’ve gone on to help THOUSANDS of folks, both in-person and online, get the same kind of results I did!

Secret Kettlebell Fat Loss Method

Kettlebells have been a KEY tool in helping me – and literally hundreds of my personal training and boot camp clients – rapidly lose fat and keep it off.  They’re an amazingly efficient tool for getting a resistance, cardio, core, and flexibility workout, all-in-one, in a super short amount of time.

Another one of the really cool things about kettlebells is that once you learn the basic moves (swing, TGU, squat, clean, press, and snatch), you can combine these moves together into almost infinite combinations.  I call these kettlebell combos.  And they’re  literally one of the single most powerful fat loss modalities I’ve ever experienced.

Watch this video to see a quick example of one of my fat burning kettlebell combos:

[youtube]! 427 322[/youtube]

These workouts are super quick (they take less than 30 minutes to complete) and incredibly efficient.  Your shirt will be soaked and you’ll finish wondering how you burned so much fat in such a short amount of time.

BUT – the secret lies in HOW you put a kettlebell combo workout together.  The way that the exercises are structured I’ve found (through long and hard personal trial and error) can make all the difference in workout flow, maximum time efficiency and, most importantly, fat burning.

So … I’ve toiled and worked hard to put EVERYTHING I’ve learned about using kettlebell combos for fat loss into a simple, easy-to-understand guide …

Now introducing …

The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution

The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution is the ultimate guide to losing weight, leaning down and “getting it back” – with kettlebells!  It’s full of amazing content, and totally “fluff-free”.

Just a few things you’ll get with this program:

 A tough, fun, efficient, effective, and complete 30 day workout based on my special kettlebell combo method.

 An outline and specific plan detailing EXACTLY what you need to do for the next 30 days to lose as much fat as humanly possible. I lay out a complete workout routine as well as an easy-to-follow and done-for-you meal plan.

 Instruction on how to perform the basic kettlebell moves – your form will be dialed in and you’ll be working out with 100% safe form!

 Tips and tricks to beat your food cravings, plan your meals in advance, and eat well while eating out.

 Solutions to common kettlebell training problems – how to figure out what size KB to start with, how to scale up, how to prevent KB training injuries, what type of footwear to use, and much more …

Ready to pick up your copy?  You now have two options:

Option one is to grab the ‘basic’ version – you’ll get:

The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution Main Manual

This’ll walk you through EXACTLY what to do for the next 30 days to reach your ultimate fat loss goals … I spell it all out for you in detail, with nothing left uncovered … written description, exercise pictures, and demo video included.  You’ll learn the secrets of how to use kettlebell combos to reach your ultimate fat loss goals.

The FVT 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plan

This is the exact rapid fat loss nutrition plan that challengers in my “beta test group” followed to lose up to 17 pounds, 9.2 total inches and 4.3% body fat – in just 30 days!  This is a step-by-step, hold-you-by-the-hand outline of what you need to eat to lose as much fat as humanly possible for the next month.  Folks have told me that this is the easiest-to-follow and most effective meal plan they’ve EVER followed!

Click here to grab the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution (basic) for just $29.95 $19.95


Option two is to pick up the ‘deluxe’ version – you’ll get the main manual and rapid fat loss meal planning guide, PLUS:

The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution Video Series

This’ll walk you through the workouts in the main manual, and give you all my best KB technique tips.  I hold nothing back with these videos … and show you how to do all the exercises with perfect form so that you get the maximum benefit.

41 Quick ‘N’ Easy Meal Ideas

41 quick, easy, satisfying, and delicious “three-ingredient trio” ideas for full-on meals.
Each includes a healthy protein, carbohydrate, and fat source – and makes for the perfect balanced breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

The New FVT Food Log

This is the same new-and-improved food log I use with my nutrition coaching clients.  You can see exactly what you’re doing right and what you need to improve when you keep a detailed log of your eating.  A key component of rapid fat loss success.

The FVT Pre-Workout Prep Guide

A short report that dispells the myths you’ve heard about warm ups and getting ready for your workout … and spells out the BEST way to prep for an intense KB training session.

FVT Digital Meal Planning Guides

Meal planning has never been easier with so many great tools to choose from. This bundle of special reports includes step-by-step detailed tutorials on some very useful shopping and meal planning apps.

Click here to grab the main manual, the rapid fat loss meal plan PLUS all the deluxe bonuses for only $49.95 $39.95


Check out what a few folks I’ve worked with have to say about my kettlebell fat loss programs:


“Eddie’s results are like nothing he’s ever seen”

Prior to meeting Forest and using his training system, I did mostly your typical ‘bodypart split’ – type of workout – I devoted one day per week to work my chest, a day to work my legs, etc. In the past, I never had any real specific direction or plan for my workouts – I just sort of showed up. Not surprisingly, I never really got the results I was looking for.

These new (kettlebell) workouts are like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I’m able to work my entire body in an amazingly short amount of time. I’m very happy with the progress that Denise (Eddie’s wife) and I have made so far.”

Eddie E



“Melanie lost 68 pounds in less than six months”

From late September 2008 to the middle of February 2009 I lost 68 pounds. I have had over 15 people not know it was me they were talking to recently. I think that says a lot. This has been the best thing for my health and happiness. I decided to stop the excuses and start caring. Let today be the day you care enough. Just do it!

Melanie A



“A Great Starting Point For Learning The Basics Of Kettlebell Training”

This guide is a great starting point for anyone looking to start an excercise program that actually works. Kettlebell workouts are one of the most intense workouts I have every done. The quickstart guide is very informative and is great with the pictures and descriptions … I am down almost 15 lbs now. Its been a good thing. Kettlebells have definitely increased my strength and conditioning.

Isaac S


And some recent comments from readers of my Kettlebell website:

A couple of video testimonials as well:


The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution is 100%


For 60 Days

In the online world these days, you can’t always be sure of the value and quality of products. We understand that so…

If for any reason this product doesn’t work out for you…

All you have to do is let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we will promtly refund all your money.

No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple.



Common hang-up #1: ‘Can I really get these kind of results with kettlebells in this short of an amount of time?  This looks too good to be true!’

If you follow this program to a ‘T’, you will get amazing results.  And you really have nothing to lose … because it’s backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee!

Don’t wait, try the program today.

Common hang-up #2: ‘I don’t have time to learn a new skill like how to train with kettlebells’

This program does include a lot of info – but it’s laid out in an easy-to-read format. Plus, think of the time you’ll save now by learning things the right way the first time around …

Common hang-up #3: ‘I can find this info for free elsewhere on the internet’

To be honest, I’m not so sure 🙂 A lot of the training tips and tricks that are found in this guide you’d actually have a hard time finding elsewhere for free.

And even if you could, the question is, do you want to spend dozens or potentially hundreds of hours to pull it all together and filter out the good stuff from the bad? Or do you just want me to do all the hard work for you and give you an answer to your problem right now?

Grab your copy of the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution now for only $49.95 $39.95 

PS – Some folks question if rapid fat loss is really possible.  It is! And The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution is the answer.

PPS – I’m so confident you’ll love this program, you can get all your money back within the first sixty days if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, no questions asked.

PPPS – If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and effective solution to your fat loss frustrations, grab a copy of The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution today!

NOTE: The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Kettlebell Solution  is a downloadable product. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book(s), bonus reports and videos onto your computer. No hard products will be shipped.

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